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metamorphosis: artist bojidar toneff, bulgaria

Bojidar Toneff is one of the nine artists participating in Metamorphosis: Contemporary Transitions. This international art exhibition curated and organized by 10dence gallery will open on March 17 through April 1, 2018, in Belguim. The other participating artists are from The Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Italy, and the USA. Ron Weijers, one of the participating artist, is also the 10dence founder and curator of Metamorphosis. “10dence gallery presents, creates, explores, nurtures and promotes the art that happens when connections are made, and knowledge is shared – across the boundaries of the established art-world institutions and their markets.”

Bojidar Toneff was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria in 1963. He received several awards for his work as a painter. In 2013 he received the National Award for Print and the Union of Bulgarian Artists 2nd Biennal of drawing. In 2014 Bojidar earned the Regional Award for Print. Bojidar continues to exhibit his work in both group and solo shows in Bulgaria and abroad.

 I live in Eastern Europe and also in the eastern part of Bulgaria – a place rich in artifacts and meetings of many civilizations – Thracians, Greeks and Romans to Bulgarians and Ottomans (Turks). These drawings are a reflection of the signs I see in the earth from the past. Recently I have tried to express myself minimally on the graphics sheet only in black and white. In my opinion, the artist should not stop his quests and experiments never, and if we are talking about some creative work – it is precisely this. “Art changes, we change” in this sentence for me is the truth about the way of art in general.  Drawing is a simple way of life, a picture or a graphic is done not only for the time it takes to make, but you also live with it day and night even in your dreams. Stand in front of the white sheet and start something new – everything around you disappears leaving only you and your inner world. Perhaps at this moment, you are a sort of “creator,” though I think the creator is only one-God, and we are the most common imitators. Bojidar Toneff

“Metamorphosis: Contemporary Transitions is an art exhibition reflecting on the moments leading up to change that occurs in politics, in gender, in seeking asylum. Sometimes they’re brief, other times they’re long processes. In science, they’re the movement from one state of matter to another. In nature, they’re the graduation from one stage in a life cycle to a different phase. Transform, adapt, adjust, alter, metamorphose,” says Ron Weijers.


metamorphosis: bojidar toneff, bulgaria
metamorphosis: bojidar toneff , bulgaria
metamorphosis: bojidar toneff, bulgaria
"somewhere to the east I" drypoint and mezzotint on paper 57 x 63cm
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