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metamorphosis: artist anneke hodel-onstein, austria

Anneke Hodel-Onstein is the first of nine artists HAF will feature from the group show,  Metamorphosis:  Contemporary Transitions.  This international art exhibition curated and organized by 10dence gallery will open on March 17  through April 1, 2018, in Belguim.   The participating artists are from The Netherlands, Japan, Austria, Italy, and the USA.  Ron Weijers, one of the participating artist, is also the 10dence founder and curator of Metamorphosis.  “10dence gallery presents, creates, explores, nurtures and promotes the art that happens when connections are made, and knowledge is shared – across the boundaries of the established art-world institutions and their markets.”

Metamorphosis:  Contemporary Transitions is an art exhibition reflecting on the moments leading up to change that occurs in politics, in gender, in seeking asylum. Sometimes they’re brief, other times they’re long processes. In science, they’re the movement from one state of matter to another. In nature, they’re the graduation from one stage in a life cycle to a different phase. Transform, adapt, adjust, alter, metamorphose. Ron Weijers

Anneke Hodel-Onstein was born in the Netherlands and lives and works in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, Austria.  Besides her work as a professional artist, she is active as a freelance conference interpreter and translator. She obtained a degree in German philology, translating and interpreting.  Since 1987 she attended several training courses in painting and printing with various renowned artists. Participated in multiple symposia, workshops and summer academies in Austria and abroad.  She describes her art as a process that revolves her mind around images and sounds, which both give her guidance and stability. Abstract paintings help to shed irrelevancies, as their purpose is not to represent anything special, but rather to disclose what is behind them. Fragments and impressions of reality being deeply ingrained in nature and her very personal history. Her pictures tell of what she noticed and feels. In an earlier stage of her life, she has been a musician as well, but she had to choose within her creative practice. Her path took her to the visual arts, which turned out to be more suitable, fitting and attractive for her. Melodies, rhythms, and sounds – she always perceived as shapes and colors and in many of her works, it is music that is still playing a leading role. It is her intrinsic visual world and associative spaces, emotions that are created by sounds. This is how colorful experiences, as well as monochrome shapes, emerge, small graphic prints, but also larger-format paintings, a sort of visualized segments of her awareness and an approach to their hidden secrets.   Drawing is a critical element of her everyday routine, producing concepts, initial sheets or quite often even series. Over and over she researches into new techniques. Her monoprints and etchings often express a subtle continuation and compaction of a specific theme. She works manually on prints or the printing press, often on Japanese paper or copperplate printing paper. When it comes to etchings, she usually creates a limited number of prints in addition to several artist proofs.  Anneke is active in the art community, and affiliated with  IAA (International Association of Art), IG Bildende Kunst, Kulturvernetzung Niederösterreich, verein “kunst-projekte” Wien, GalerieCentrum Graz, Künstlervereinigung Atelier Yin-Yang, Global Calligraphy Vienna and “quartierquadrat” group of artists, Vienna.

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