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What artists are saying about HAF

Thank you Ron for your wonderful posting of amazing artists I would never see. Many blessing for that!
Shannon Weber, USA
January 04, 2017
Thank you Ron for sharing and for your effort to gather here unconventional and interesting artists
Said Debladji, Algeria
January 21, 2017
Thank you Ron Shelton for all you do, not only for and with GAP but for international arts and global issues in general!!!
Carl Heyward, USA
April 02, 2017
Thank you so much for the invitation to be a part of this beautiful place!
Ana Maria Ilie, Romania
February 23, 2017
Super cool! Again, Ron, thank you for finding and sharing these artists. Right guys? Isn't he fantastic???
Lucy Stevens, USA
December 10, 2016
Anne Amerson Art Ranch of Texas and I applaud your global dream & dedication, Ron Shelton! You are indeed a visionary who inspires/encourages artistic expression. What a blessing and a gift! Hugs from Annie
Anne Amerson, USA
October 14, 2016
Appreciate your talent and efforts.
Gabrielle Lundy, USA
March 06, 2017
Always enjoy your site and being exposed to art from so many places.
Ann Stockdale, USA
September 14, 2016
Every once in a while I have to say THANKS for all of the inspiration you offer in sharing the work of so many wonderful artists. The political climate these days gets me down more than anything ever has. I'm pretty much of an optimist by nature, but this year began as a struggle. I have found myself checking out the HAF page just to remind myself of all of the incredible creative and inspiring art being made in spite of the powers-that-be-for-the moment. My art doesn't lend itself to being political most of the time, but I do have a book-in-process that is feeding my need to speak and protest. When I finish it I'll send photos. For now, though, thanks for the amazing gift you have given the art community! Peace, Susan
Susan Porter, USA
November 22, 2016
It is a bright spot on my feed. I've been introduced to some truly remarkable artists. Thank you!
Bryan David Campbell, USA
October 18, 2016
HAF rocks with awesome artists!
Krystyna Sadej, Canada
October 04, 2016
A fantastic way to be exposed to artists whose work I may not have seen before. Always interesting and engaging!
Cindy Mersky, British Columbia
September 01, 2016
A wonderful contribution to my enjoyment each day! Love it.
Meredith Kemp, USA
September 29, 2016
Love love love
Elana Daem, New Zealand
October 19, 2016
Huge fan of HAF and truly amazed to be in the company of so many tremendous artists. Thank you for including my work. And thank you for all the work you do Ron. HAF pairings are my fav!!
Beth Wittenberg, USA
September 30, 2016
HAF is a great platform without borders introducing a high level of art. With respect for the huge amount of time and effort involved...
Ron Weijers, the Netherlands
October 05, 2016
An intelligent and eclectic platform for artists -i like the format and quality -well done 🙂
John Crabtree, UK
November 12, 2016
High Art Friday is a remarkable platform which surprises me every time with very talented artists. I'm proud to be friend of Ron, thank you 💟
Mario Catalano, Italy
August 27, 2016
HAF is a support interesting for artists...:)))
Abdellah El Haitout, Morocco
September 22, 2016
I always find it inspiring to look HAF. I find new art and artist that make me curious. I'm very happy and proud to be part of this. It's a gift. So Thanks to you Ron, for all the very good work.
Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen, Denmark
November 08, 2016
Its fantastic to view so many talented artists from around the globe. Thank you Ron Shelton for making this happen.
Heather Wilcoxon, USA
December 19, 2016
I look forward to seeing the new artists that are featured daily on this site. It's a great, support community of artists worldwide, and it's inspiring to see what other artists are doing. Thanks for all your hard work and support of artists everywhere in the world, Ron Shelton.
Carla S. Fox, USA
October 11, 2016
I am grateful to Ron for inviting me to this group with a feature of one of my fiber art pieces. My time to create art has temporarily diminished but each day for the last few years I can depend on HAF for inspiration and eye/mind candy! This is a wonderful platform for enjoying art from all around the world!
Gigi Orah, USA
September 25, 2016
High Art Fridays (HAF) is a giant artistic creative Gazpacho!! 🙂 It's a rich, flavorsome and a satisfying place to discover artworks from an array of International artists from all walks of life. Dig in and discover!
Breeze Canyon, Japan
September 24, 2016
I think it's a great way to for artists all over the world to see, promote, and share their work.
Matt Wolcott, USA
November 10, 2016
Long time ago Ron! seems like yesterday and HAF went from strength to strength. Hope it continues.
Lorraine Robson, UK
January 10, 2017
HAF has introduced me to hundreds of fabulous artists from all around the globe. Ive found my contemporary masters here in this group. Cant say enough about Ron Shelton as a curator. He foes this thing where he pairs artists who's outcomes are similiar with one another which helps the viewer to see art in a whole new way. Ron also does the hat exchange with a hat he designed. It was wonderful to be able to participate and make a hat gor rons collection and i enjoyed getting an original RShat for my collection. Bravo HAF!!
Beth Wittenberg, USA
February 22, 2017
Many thanks, Ron ! I’m very glad to be part of your group!
Odile Mandrette, France
March 17, 2017
"High Art Fridays is an eclectic assembly of international artists working in a wide range of materials and iconographic ideas.  The group is in its early stages of development, and has a presence already that makes it a forerunner and advocate for contemporary emerging and established artists."
Carol Heft, USA
June 10, 2016